Kindwashing Kills is a visual and verbal critique of the Danish graphical landscape. The critique is mounted through a publication, which is build upon several visual experiments that all question some of the design principles we (as danish graphic designers) gladly use again and again. Through our research we found out that there is a tendency towards self-reinforcing cultural narratives, which we believe to cause a delay in the development of danish graphic design. 

We believe it’s a problem that we in Denmark are so fond of visual repetitions. We’re in a position where danish brands, campaigns and logos all look like one big mass, instead of individual visual expressions. Scandinavian minimalism has become public property and there’s no longer space for versatility and surprises. If we dare to be a bit bolder and question the business as it works now, we’ll be able to get a more colorful, inspirational, democratic, versatile, playful and challenging visual landscape. 

With Kindwashing Kills we wish to start a movement of danish graphic designers that in an active manner question the status quo of the graphical industry.

The project is made in collaboration with Louis Hørsted Kocmick. 

© 2021 Jasmin Kharamani